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Explore and Make a Difference in Tanzania

Africa holds the secrets of humanity's origin, and it has unparalleled natural beauty. Yet, it has suffered more than its share of hardship throughout history. What can teens do today to correct the historical injustice and help in a safe and sustainable way?

Global Education Destinations is fortunate enough to have the trust and support of several schools and educators to build international friendships and encourage local actions among the students. Thanks to Ms. Kaoutar Benkaddi at George Washington Academy in Morocco, Ms. Surama King at Tema International School in Ghana, and Mr. Henry Ssennungi at Kabojja International School in Uganda.

Today, we are excited to announce that our students will have an opportunity to learn more about Tanzania, grow as thoughtful global citizens and make an impact. This Saturday, the Founder of A Tree That Grows, Ms. Lauren Schmidt, will host our next Destination Workshops:

Lauren Schmidt, MSW is a social entrepreneur and founder of A Tree That Grows, where she helps build the next generation of teen social entrepreneurs. She is a graduate of Columbia University, a member of the Association of International Educators & is a learning partner with the Association of International Schools in Africa. She has over a decade of experience working with international students and has lived in Tanzania for 10 years working as a Dean of Students and working on international development projects funded by Oxfam and HIVOS. Lauren currently helps students share their unique impact in essays as an App Mentor at Crimson Education, resulting in acceptance at Havard, Yale, MIT, Columbia, Stanford, Duke, Brown, Georgetown, John Hopkins and many more schools. She’s passionate about helping students take their stories, strength and passion and transforming them into impact projects that help them stand out on college applications and also deepen their purpose and joy.

Please join us in welcoming and thanking Lauren and A Tree That Grows!

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