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Exemplary Work Ethics - BWB Club Spotlight on Tsai Hsing High School in Taiwan

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

In our work, we have come across many students who are ambitious, smart, and studious. However, the students at BWB Club in Tsai Hsing High School have something special: their work ethics.

As many secondary school educators can attest, it is not uncommon for teachers to chase after students to get their assignments. No matter how brilliant a student is, without following-through on time, achieving success can be difficult. What a pleasure it is when it comes to Tsai Hsing High School's BWB Club! It is clear that the students take their commitment seriously. In fact, as a result of their strong work ethics, Tsai Hsing students have earned multiple international internship spots with our partner Leadership Initiatives (sponsored by Microsoft and Starbucks.)

This year, Club President Mia Ni is leading her club members to help stray animals to find better homes. Their club members are: Ethan Hsin, Stella Yang, Abner, Jonathan, Irene, Alice Su, Ann, Melissa, Stanley, Ziv, Gordon, Ashley, Lolo, Maggie Tao, Gavin, Judy.

Please join us in wishing the club good luck in their endeavors!

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