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Embracing Diverse Views! Today's Team Spotlight: the Axo-lots

When a team is assembled, we take into consider each person's time zone, age, English proficiency and, most importantly, cultural background. The purpose is to make each team as diverse as possible when it comes to individual perspective, but as smooth as possible when it comes to the mechanism of working together.

Today we will train our spotlight on Team Axo-lots, which focused on the migration challenges and potential solutions in the Philippines. The teammates are:

  • Reina Iwata - Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen High School (Japan)

  • Pranav Palagummi - Dublin High School (CA, USA)

  • Jaedyne Pearl Mayion - Waitakere College (New Zealand)

  • Ivan Matthias Sardon-Medina - San Jeronimo High School (Peru)

They were able to get insight from Jaedyn's relatives in the Philippines. Click on the picture to see their ideas for the Philippines. Good luck to Team Axo-lots. The winning team will be announced on September 5!

Next up: Green is the New Gold. Let's create wealth and health all over the world. Join our next Forum and chime in!

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