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Developing Empathy in Youth

For this year's Local Action Project, the Tsai Hshing BWB Club students conducted a bake sale to raise funds for children who are not as lucky as most people are. Like in any society, there are orphans and children in extreme poverty in Taiwan. BWB students wanted to be part of the effort to reduce poverty (SDG 1) and inequality (SDG 10).

The initiation, planning and operation of the bake sale required teamwork over a month. The turnout exceeded the Club's expectations and the project raised more than 10,000 NT dollars for the nonprofit Youth Corner which provides support and funds to hundreds of children in need of school supplies, food and homecare. Through this event, the club members also raised awareness of the importance of reaching out to help those in need.

BWB Clubs around the world, led by student leaders, have taken on issues that THEY want to address and share their solutions with teens across borders. Throughout the year, these young changemakers rolled up their sleeves, made contacts and content, and planted seeds of trees and goodwill. BWB Clubs' Local Action Projects have brought us closer to the Global Goals, one action and one friend at a time.

We would like to invite you to cast your vote for your favorite BWB Club. The best club, elected by your votes and evaluated by their participation in the BWB global connections throughout the year, will receive the 2024-2025 Club Scholarship. Please cast your vote by "liking" the club's endeavor in the People's Choice Award tab. Students have worked hard on their Year-End Report videos, so we encourage you to watch them all. You are welcome to vote for more than one club:

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