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Develop Resilience - Wellness Ideas for Teens in South Korea

One common challenge among all high achieving students in many countries is academic pressure. Team Dovetters found it particularly prevalent their assigned country: South Korea.

To solve this problem, Team Dovetters proposed to build social media platform to include an Activity Challenge, an Awareness Program and a comprehensive Mental Health Resource directory. The starting point is to nudge teens to improve themselves through small changes:

"...The teens have a choice to follow the challenges, yet will feel nudged to perform those simple yet effective challenges which will improve their resilience. It will instil a sense of independence, and self-efficacy, along with acknowledging the hardships and normalisation of seeking help and support. We believe small changes bring huge impact..."

Please click on the link and check out their presentation and ideas. Join us in wishing the team good luck!

  • Harnoor KaurIndia - India - DAV International School

  • Lia Sola - Dominican Republic - Saint George School

  • Luca Paulussen - USA - Amsterdam International Community School (the Netherlands)

  • Rui Moscat - Spain - Colegio Los sauces Torrelodones

  • Tsinjo Ratovoherindrainy - Madagascar - British School of Madagascar

  • Paige Grundy - Australia - Trinity College

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