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Dealing with Stigma - Wellness Ideas for Teens in Turkey

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Through our month-long research and discussions, many students recognized that mental health issues are often stigmatized in their cultures and traditions. It can be embarrassing for anyone to talk about their hard feelings, let alone teens.

Team Constancia decided to design a website called to Lotüs which encourages teens to speak up anonymously so that they can vent without worry, in addition to many other beneficial features:

"...On Lotüs you can journal in many ways such as typing, creating a voice recording, voice to text, and much more. Additionally, you are able to track how much water you drink a day and your amount of sleep. This allows the user to maintain a garden of lotuses, which helps them create healthy habits!"

Please click on the link and check out their presentation and ideas. Join us in wishing the team good luck!

  • Gabriela Cárdenas Gracia - Colombia Colegio Mayor de los Andes

  • Audric Kaindra Anwar - Indonesia - Binus School Bekasi

  • Alessandra Corine T. Silapan - Philippines - Montessori Integrated School of Antipolo (Indonesia)

  • Gehna Ari - USA - Maryland International School

  • Junhyuk (John) Bhang - South Korea - Seoul International School

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