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Count Down to the Award Ceremony! Today's Team Spotlight: Pacific Spartans

It has been an amazing month of research, reflections and brainstorming sessions across the globe on Human Migration issues! Each team was assigned a country that is new to them, so that everyone was on an equal footing as they embark on the journey of discovery.

Today we will train our spotlight on Team Pacific Spartans, which focused on the migration challenges and potential solutions in Turkey. The teammates are:

  • Cami Valda Estremadoyro - Saint Andew's School (Bolivia)

  • Rohan Kumar - Wheeler High School (Georgia, USA)

  • Joy Yang - Tsai Hsing High School (Taiwan)

  • Danika Naidoo - Waitakere College (New Zealand)

They were able to interview Aslı Türkölmez from Uskudar American Academy in Turkey, our April Pioneer Award winner, to get her feedback on the Final Project.

Click on the picture to see what their ideas for Turkey. Good luck to Team Pacific Spartans. The winning team will be announced on September 5!

Next up: Green is the New Gold. Let's create wealth and health all over the world. Join our next Forum and chime in!

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