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Coordinating Global Conversations

Every weekend in our BWB Clubs around the world, students are making friends and sharing perspectives through our weekly Global Chats. Our conversations range from the philosophical ("if you can design a perfect world, what would it be like?") to ethical ("should we become vegetarians knowing the impact of the meat industry on our environment?") to economical ("who should pay for vaccines?") to cultural ("stereotypes on media").

To coordinate these Global Chats, let's welcome our new Club Coordinator, Bogna Frykowska!

Bogna is a student at the international university – Forward College. She’s a winner of the Forward Impact Award for socially aware students - she created a set of workshops for disabled children to help them express their dreams. Her experience in debating and volunteering made her realize how difficult and yet essential it is to understand others’ points of view (and how these viewpoints were formed) when it comes to problem-solving, no matter how big or small. Open-mindedness is one of the most important qualities and Bogna is excited to encourage others to discover it.

Successful Buddies Without Borders Online Forums participants are invited to establish their own BWB Clubs. Your chance to do so is coming up! The March Forum challenges students to create a Wellness Program for Teens. The deadline is in two days. Click here for details.

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