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Congratulations to Mrs. Saadat! Global Educators of the Year

Many youths want to change the world, but their success often depends on the support and guidance of a caring advisor. In the next few days, we will highlight the educators who have gone above and beyond to help global-minded teens to connect their passion with action.

Under Mrs. Negin Saadat's guidance and support, BWB Club at Towheed Iranian School designed and implemented effective measures to reduce energy consumption by assembling Sustainability Teams to be responsible for switching off lights during off-hours in school. Through presenting the SDGs, tracking the electricity consumption via a utility website, and documenting its project in action, the Club has made a substantial impact on its community. The students also collected and recycled plastic bottles throughout the year. Several Towheed BWB Club members earned the status of internships.

Negin Saadat Ghodsi Nia - CAS Coordinator, Towheed Iranian School, UAE

"I'm immensely proud of our members' eligibility for leadership roles and their active participation in the BWB club. Additionally, their accomplishments in their internships delighted me."

Click on the link to see Towheed BWB Club's local action project and cast your vote. Your vote acknowledges the efforts of the youth who have worked hard to help make the world a better place.

We encourage more change-makers to join us this summer - we are mobilizing teens to solve the global water crisis: AquaAlliance Online Forum.

Join us!

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