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Congratulations to Mrs. Piezzo! Global Educators of the Year

Many youths want to change the world, but their success often depends on the support and guidance of a caring advisor. In the next few days, we will highlight the educators who have gone above and beyond to help global-minded teens to connect their passion with action.

Mrs. Katrina Piezzo advocated for Green Bay High School to get involved since the beginning of our effort in connecting teens around the world over global goals. As a result, BWB Club at Green Bay jumped into action to support the community devastated by the earthquake in New Zealand on February 15th, 2023. The Club students volunteered at Vision West Centre and packaged food for families in need. In the end, they served hundreds of community residents and realized the power of teamwork.

Katrina Piezzo - Director of International Education, Green Bay High School, New Zealand

"Our world is more connected now than ever before. Technology allows us to communicate with one another easily both online and in person. However, if we want to reap the benefits of interconnectedness we need to communicate more deeply and make a conscious effort to learn from one another. BWB clubs are providing an opportunity to do just this with debates and forums designed to get students to see things from others' perspectives and to look at their own cultural norms and biases. This in turn fosters compassion, mental well-being, social justice and equality."

Click on the link to see Green Bay BWB Club's local action project and cast your vote. Your vote acknowledges the efforts of the youth who have worked hard to help make the world a better place.

We encourage more change-makers to step up us this summer - we are mobilizing teens to solve the global water crisis: AquaAlliance Online Forum.

Join us!

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