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Coming Together

Conflicts. Conflicts between nations, classes, parties, beliefs... there are so many conflicts in the world that the entertainment and infotainment industries fill our imagination with heroes and villains as if there are simple answers to the age-old human struggle that is "us" vs. "them".

Is it possible to shift our perspectives to see beyond our assigned side? Is it possible to accept diversity to work together to enlarge the pie? Is it possible to focus on creating opportunities instead of controlling damage?

In just a few days, 42 teens representing 25 countries from 27 schools are coming together to learn about how to make the world a better place through green growth and innovations.

The students have been organized into ten international teams as equal global citizens. Each team will be assigned a university student as their team coach, as well as a professional in their assigned green business segment as their case study partner. We are excited to see how these future leaders will come together and stretch their creative muscles.

Congratulations to the following schools for nurturing students who are up for the challenge in the Green Jobs in the Green Economy Online Forum. If you missed the window for application, here is the interest form for future forums.

  • ACS Hillingdon (UK)

  • Bilkent Laboratory and International School (Turkey)

  • Binus School Simprug (Indonesia)

  • Bryanston School (UK)

  • Domuschola International School (Philippines)

  • Future American schools (Egypt)

  • Goetheschule Essen (Germany)

  • Gyeonggi Global School (South Korea)

  • Los Sauces Torrelodones (Spain)

  • Lubiri Secondary School (Uganda)

  • Lycée Français de San Francisco (USA)

  • Mountain House Highschool (USA)

  • Pathways School Gurgaon (India)

  • Queen's College Seoul (South Korea)

  • Saint Andrew's School (Bolivia)

  • Shiv Nadar School, Gurugram (India)

  • Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen (Japan)

  • Step By Step School (India)

  • Strawberry Fields High School (India)

  • Taipei Tsai-Hsing High School (Taiwan)

  • Tema International School (Ghana)

  • The Bolles School (USA)

  • The Codrington International School of Barbados (Barbados)

  • The Junior and Senior School (Cyprus)

  • Trinity School of Midland (USA)

  • Universal American School (UAE)

  • Vali Muammer Güler Social Sciences High School (Turkey)

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