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Changing the Society - Wellness Ideas for Teens in El Salvador

When researching the wellness issues for teens in their assigned country, some teams realized that the problem needs to be addressed on multiple levels. Team The Weekenders was assigned El Salvador and they proposed a three-prong solution: a community exercise program, a public education program and an advocacy effort for the government to address the teen gangs problem.

The team ended their executive summary by wondering if economic development will be fundamental for the country since much of the teens' wellness difficulty is attributable to the problems in the society:

...the general community adheres to the belief that mental illness is not actual but made out by those who are affected by them. Therefore, receiving the appropriate treatment and help for mental problems in El Salvador is almost unheard of. The main factors of mental health problems in it are wide-ranging, such as the highly prevalent gang violence due to the 1980-1992 civil war...

Please click on the link and check out their presentation and ideas. Join us in wishing The Weekenders good luck!

  • Bodhi Wait - Australia - Trinity College

  • Yi-Hao Chiang - Taiwan - Tsai-Hsing High School

  • Sara Alexandra Romao Paravicini - Bolivia - Saint Andrew's School

  • Naree Lee - South Korea - Lycee International Xavier

  • Mohamed Aidhaan Shameem - Maldives / Jordan - Canadian International School of Beijing

  • Anna Suzuki - Japan - Shonan-Shirayuri-Gakuen High School

We at GED also believe that economic development is crucial in addressing many of the world's issues. In July/August, we will be looking into the Best ROI for Humankind. Join us!

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