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What a school year it has been! Hundreds of teens thought creatively and critically, rolled up their sleeves, and followed through on their passion for making the world a better place. BWB Clubs in more than 20 countries rose up to the global sustainability challenges this year, and their accomplishments will be acknowledged this weekend.

From organizing "lights-off" after school hours to building community library boxes; from

raising funds for earthquake victims to raising awareness of genetic diseases; from creating mental health workshops to creating Christmas trees with recycled materials - BWB Club students opened their hearts and minds to examine what is needed in their community, proposed feasible ways to help, and asked for school's permission to proceed. These changemakers drove the process of obtaining approvals and support from the authority, rallied their peers and families, and documented their actions in their reflective year-end reports (BWB Clubs).

This weekend is our year-end BWB Clubs Acknowledgment Ceremony. Dr. Jamie Schlais, the Curriculum Manager for Psychology and Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) at International Baccalaureate Organization, will announce the Top 10 BWB Clubs for us. These are the clubs with the most enthusiastic participants in BWB's year-long activities including global speedfriending events, weekly online debates and SDGs-themed reporting around the world on our private Discord Server for international-minded students.

The Top 10 Clubs' Local Action Projects will be open to public voting based on their creativity, sustainability and equality. The voting period is from Monday, May 29 to Friday, July 7. The club that receives the most votes will receive Honorary Club Status in the 2023-2024 school year.

BWB Clubs are by invitation only based on students' behavior and academic performance in Buddies Without Borders Online Forums. This summer, we will mobilize youth to solve water crises around the world in the AquaAlliance Forum. Join us!

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