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BWB Clubs in 20 Countries - Join Us

This weekend marks our third year of creating a global think tank by teens and translating our joint vision of a better world into action via BWB Clubs. We are now in 20 countries.

What does a "better world" look like? How can we be an agent of change while serving others?

We are so excited that Jamie Schlais Ph.D., the Curriculum Manager for Psychology and Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) at International Baccalaureate Organization is joining us at the kickoff event this weekend to celebrate these amazing student leaders who are designing and implementing local actions to meet global goals.

"Community engagement/service learning provides opportunities for students to develop intercultural communication and understanding while honing skills relevant for our changing world.

Interacting with the local and global communities should be a reciprocal engagement where both parties benefit, either individually or as a community.

Critical reflexivity is an important element to service learning, as students can further investigate the impact of their assumptions, values, and actions on others. Through community engagement/service learning students demonstrate active citizenship and often tackling important social justice issues."

Thank you, Jamie!

The next opportunity for your school to get involved in making global connections and implementing local service projects is here. Join us in the October Forum: Zero Hunger Zero Waste.

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