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Beautiful Nature, Beautiful Campus - BWB Club Spotlight on Green Bay High School, NZ

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

As students around the world design their Local Action Projects, their first step is to look around their own community and see what needs to be done, what touches their hearts, and what they can feasibly do to make a difference.

New Zealand, with nearly 30% of its land mass being protected by the Department of Conservation, has a reputation for its natural beauty. The BWB Club members at the Green Bay High School want to further honor the beauty of their country's landscape while beautifying their campus. The Green Bay BWB Club is led by Lily Melville, joined by her classmates Bella Wood, Krisha Karippail, Sahar Karimzad, Phoebe Brown and and Emily Greenin. We hope more will join their effort in the months to come.

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