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And the Winners Are...

What a wonderful celebration we had on May 1st! We got to honor the hard work and the creative minds of some of the top students from more than 30 countries. Please join us in congratulating everyone as they take this global experience wherever they may go to make the world a better place. Here are the winners:

Best Team- for their plan's creativity, appeal and potential impact:

Team Metanoia Ravens - contributing members:

  • Mohabirsingh Cheshta- British School of Madagascar (Madagascar)

  • Filip Manda- Mark Twain International School (Romania)

  • Mannat Kaur - Strawberry Fields High School (India)

Top Five Teams

  • Team Metanoia Ravens

  • Team "The Tissues" (tie in the second place)

  • Team "Bogna and the Chipmunks" (tie in the second place)

  • Team Inspirational Covidenteen Innovators

  • Team "Smells Like Team Spirit"

Best Representative - for the student's ability and skills in research, reflections and communication:

Camila Peña Eljuri from Unidad Educativa Particular Rosa de Jesús Cordero “Catalinas” in Equador Top Five Representatives:

  • Camila Peña Eljuri from Team Inspirational Covidenteen Innovators

  • Cheshta Mohabirsingh from Team Metanoia Ravens.

  • Harnoor Kaur from Team Dovetters

  • Filip Cristian Manda from team Metanoia Ravens

  • Hamza Atiq Shaikh from Team "Smells like Teen Spirit."

Pioneer Award - for student's ability to step up and lead, inspire and collaborate with teammates to reach the finish line.

Alma Toukhy from Amman National School

Pioneer Award Nominees:

  • Alessandra Corine T. Silapan

  • Alma Toukhy

  • Amar Nour

  • Angi Feng

  • Anisa Shaban Pisheh

  • Bella Wright

  • Camila Peña Eljuri

  • Cheshta Mohabirsingh

  • Elliot Tyler

  • Filip Cristian Manda

  • Gabriela Gracias

  • Gehna Ari

  • Harnoor Kaur

  • Josefina Gomez

  • Jude Anas Mahadin

  • Lia Sola

  • Lily Melville

  • Marliene Reis

  • Miranda Ruan

  • Mohamed Aidhaan Shameem

  • Natalie Eleftheriou

  • Nathaniel Wong

  • Rouxi Wang

  • Sara Alexandra Romao Paravicini

  • Sonya Siteny

  • Stephanie Huang

  • Stephanie Lau

  • Umair Bashi

Congratulations to all the students! We can't wait to see how far you will go!

Next - ready to put your thinking cap on and meet some amazing teens around the world just like you for some serious fun this summer? Our July/August Forum is about creating The Best ROI of Humankind. Did you know if women have the same opportunities as men, the world can grow its economy by as much as $28 trillion dollars by one estimate? What is stopping this from happening and what would you do about it?

Priority Application is now open to BWB Clubs, Partner Schools, Alumni, and early birds on the Interest List. Contact your teachers for the special form. The Priority Application process will close on May 15. Please note that we only accept 4-6 students per nationality for diversity reasons.

The Regular Application will be open to all on May 16, the International Day of Living Together in Peace. Please be on the lookout for your chance to chime in and step up as an equal global citizen, no matter where you are in the world.

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