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And the Winners Are...

What a wonderful celebration we had on Sunday! We honored the hard work and creative minds of some of the top students from 19 countries. Please join us to congratulate all students as they take this global experience wherever they may go to make the world a better place. The Award Recording gives details on how the winners are selected and is posted on our website if you missed it. Here are the winners:

Top Five Finishers - for students who received the highest overall points in the Forum. They will receive an one-on-one consultation session with our Board Member, Mr. Andrew Hand:

Best Representative - for the student's overall ability in research, reflections and communication. Will receive the internship award and lead the Internship Team:

  • SIS (India)- Noella Horo

Best Team- for their final project's creativity, equality and sustainability. Will receive the internship award: Team Pacific Spartans, representing Turkey.

  • Saint Andrew´s School (Bolivia) - Cami Valda Estremadoyro

  • Wheeler High School (GA, USA)- Rohan Kumar

  • Tsai Hsing High School (Taiwan)- Joy Yang

  • Waitakere College (New Zealand) - Danika Naidoo

Pioneer Award Nominees - for the student's ability to lead, inspire and collaborate with teammates. Based on coaches' nomination, internal ranking, and personal reflection. Will be invited to launch and lead (or co-lead) a BWB Club at school. Here is a video recording of how it works and what you can expect from the BWB Clubs:

  • Bryanston (UK)- Issy Wrigley

  • Chirec International School (India)- Asees Kanwar

  • Chirec International School (India)- Ayushi Jha

  • Dublin High School (CA, USA) - Pranav Palagummi

  • Future International School (Egypt)- Youssef Elkeblawy

  • Los Sauces (Spain)- Lucía Herraiz Cano

  • Los Sauces (Spain)- Rodrigo Fernández Parra

  • Los Sauces (Spain)- Victoria Velasco Artacho

  • Manchester International School (India)- Arjun Rajan

  • Manchester International School (India)- Marwa Nazeem

  • Pacific American School (Taiwan)- Kingston Yu

  • Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen HIgh School (Japan)- Reina Iwata

  • SIS (India) - Noella Horo

  • Tsai Hsing High School (Taiwan) - Joy Yang

  • Waitakere College (New Zealand) - Danika Naidoo

  • Wheeler High School (GA, USA)- Rohan Kumar Pioneer Award Scholarship Recipient: will receive the funding to launch a BWB Club as a President in the 2021-2022 school year to build a local community to meet Global Goals, can be used for CAS and connect with all BWB Clubs in 11 schools across the world:

  • George Washington Academy (Morocco) - Mahi Singh

People's Choice Award Winner Team: recognized for winning the most votes from general public. Team Triumphant Tribe (representing USA)

  • Amsterdam international community school (Netherlands) - Saunaq Chakrabarty

  • Chirec International School (India) - Asees Kanwar

  • Future International School (Egypt) - Youssef Elkeblawy

  • Coree International School (Brazil) - Lucas Machado What problems do we want to tackle next? Deadline September 17: Green is the New Gold.

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