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Adventure Guide to Set Our Minds Free

If you are tired of being physically cooped up like so many, one thing we can do is to set our minds free. There is no limit to human imagination - think about the power, freedom and adventures we can enjoy simply by being open to possibilities!

In October, we will preview life's coming attractions by reimaging agritourism, ecotourism and adventure travels (application deadline September 17). Our guest speaker for the global session "From Ideas to Reality" is Vanessa Boshoff, a certified adventure guild, a wildlife naturalist, a Television producer and show host (Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and National Geographic). Welcome! Vanessa!

Coming up in December, we will be working on a technology forum, creating media platforms to meet global goals. Our participants will be coached by Computer Science students from California State University, Monterey Bay. Please get in touch for the priority application list.

It is time to set our imagination free!

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