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Actions We Took

In the past three days, I participated in the UNA-USA Leadership Summit in Washington DC. It was a remarkable and inspiring experience. We learned from esteemed speakers including:

  • Ambassador Michele J. Sison

  • Mr. Gabriel T. Laizer, International Fund for Agricultural Development

  • Ms. Elizabeth O'Bagy, External Relations at the UN High Commissioner of Refugees

  • Mr. Jordie Hannum, Executive Director at Better World Campaign

We make new friends with fellow advocates across the USA for collaboration opportunities, including:

  • Elisabeth A. Philippe, Global Sustainability Program Program Manager at UNFCU

  • Akash Patel, Vice-Chair of the National Council at UNA-USA

  • AY Young, singer-dancer of Project 17

  • Marielle Ali, Program Manager at the UK Mission to the UN

  • Paula Boland, President at UNA - NCA

  • Karen Mulhaser, DC Huma Rights Comission

Finally, we called our members of Congress to advocate for full funding to the UN, including:

  • Senator Ben Cardin

  • Senator Chris Van Hollen

  • Representative Jamie Raskin

All the actions are changing the world for the better. We are the change we want to see in the world. Teens are invited to take the Be the Change Online Forum this summer with all the change-makers in the world!

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