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As much as we love brainstorming and debating at Global Education Destinations, nothing is as empowering as taking actions. Sometimes it can be so easy to propose something for others to do, but if and when we roll up our sleeves and try to implement what we say should be done, we will soon learn that it is not easy at all.

BWB Clubs honor doers. We are now in more than a dozen schools around the world. Each club declares a local action that meets a Global Goal. Today, we would like to share the local action taken by the BWB Club in Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen High School (Japan), headed by club presidents Reina Iwata and Kaori Minowa:

"Recently our club members joined a local event to catch fish with huge nets, as our local action project. The event was held by “Tanpopo Kitchen” (藤沢子ども食堂たんぽぽキッチン), which aims to build a better local community and help children’s growth. We joined as a staff to help the operation. There were about 150 participants (including grown ups and children), and we pulled the net together after everything was prepared by the fishermen. We were able to get small sharks, rays, blowfish and seabass. Also we caught a large amount of shirasu, so we gave them out one package per household. Beach cleaning was also an important part of this event, to teach children about how to keep our living environment clean and safe. At the end of the event the wind was blowing really hard, and the sand stuck to our clothes and hair. The condition was not perfect, but I was happy to see children smiling and having fun."~ Reina Iwata, club president, BWB Club in Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen High School (Japan).

Meanwhile, this Saturday, the BWB Club at the Whittle School & Studios (USA) will host our weekly chat. The topic will be “if you could go back in time 50 years and talk to people, what advice would you give them for the future? If today you met an alien from another planet, what would you tell them about earth?”

To qualify for a BWB Club, you must have a student leader who does well in our Buddies Without Borders Online Forums. The next forum is Good Health and Well-being for Teens. Join is!

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