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A School That Has Everything Is Becoming More with BWB

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting one of our BWB Club schools - Bryanston School in Dorset, UK.

With hundreds of acres of rolling hills and centuries-old grand buildings, Bryanston simultaneously honors the traditions of British education and encourages students to pursue their own passion. From horse-riding to film-making, from GCSE and A Levels to IB, this full boarding school offers hundreds of courses, activities and clubs to its 700+ students day and night, including many from overseas.

From the hallway and school ground interactions, it was obvious that the teachers and the pupils are loving and respectful toward one another. Services and donations are regular practices at Bryanston. The BWB Club Presidents, Issy, Bryanna and their clubmates said that they want to dedicate their Local Action project to reducing waste and hunger by collecting unopened snacks from the boarding students at the end of the term for a local food bank.

By being part of the network of like-minded teens around the world, the Bryanston BWB Club students are making an even bigger impact: sharing perspectives and approaches. After all, the cost of living and the codes of conduct may be different from country to country, but the culture of caring is universal. What can we learn from each other's perspective of what it means to be free, happy and healthy? What should we do about it?

We can't wait to share the Local Action projects that are being created and conducted in more than 20 countries by the BWB Clubs community at the end of the school year.

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