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A Helping Hand for All - BWB Club Spotlight on Los Sauces Bilingual Private School, Spain

One of the key deliverables from BWB Clubs is Local Action Project. After all, words may inspire, but only actions can create real changes.

The process goes like this: students investigate what is needed in the community, interview local NGOs, find out what is supported by the school, think about Club members' interests, and propose a Local Action Project that corresponds to a Global Goal. The Local Action Project should be year-long in nature but with flexible components such as displays, workshops, competitions, services, events, etc.

The club members at Los Sauces Bilingual Private School decided to go all out this year. Their project "Lending Our Lands to Everyone and Everything" is ambitious in its reach and dept: From holiday market fundraisers to grocery store food collections, from conducting workshops about first-aid and recycling to tree-planting We are impressed by their ambition and wish them good luck in implementing all these actions in the months to come!

The BWB Club at Los Sauces is led by Alba Martinez and Daniela Gallardo. Their club members are Ale Vacas Torre, Patricia López Díez, Víctor Bataller, Victoria Ramos, Carla Montfort.

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