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2 Days Until the Award Ceremony: Reflection of the Day

"Discussions are always better than arguments because an argument is to find out who is right, and a discussion is to find out what is right."

Mastering formal debates and parliamentary procedures is great, but friendly brainstorming and informal discussions among friends will always bring us closer to what's right more effectively.

"The friendly nature of the forum which was probably the most attractive thing about the forum since it was the thing that invited me to speak out. Comparing that to an MUN, MUNs have me scared but in the forum I was not shy to voice my opinion and meet others and I thank (the Forum) for keeping it balanced between friendly and formal." ~Yuvraj Dhir, Strawberry Fields High School, Chandigarh, India

Click on the link to hear the reflection from one of the Top Five Finalists: Lucia Herraiz Cano, Los Sauces European School, Spain.

Did you vote for your favorite team yet? People's Choice Award voting closes today, Saturday!

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