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"Only if we understand, will we care.  Only if we care, will we help.  Only if we help shall all be saved." ~ Jane Goodall

"Many can pick up a book or a pen; many can find a mentor or a teacher; but not many can change the world. It is what we do with what we know that counts." ~ Yihung Mohs

"We need world peace.  We need to let go of our differences.  We are ready to act!" ~ Buddies Without Borders (click here for our thoughts on World Peace)

Global Education Destinations supports students to think globally and act locally in the following three ways:  

Buddies Without Borders Online Forums features month-long collaboration and competition projects

BWB Clubs features school-based social think tanks

Destination Workshops features study aboard locations for SDG-based knowledge and skills

Most importantly, we have fun! Click here to see what we are all about. 


Buddies Without Borders
Online Forums

BWB Clubs in Schools

Destination Workshops

This forum has been amazing! I’ve met lots of different people from different countries and made friends too. This has been an amazing experience for me to improve my English skills, meet new people, and of course learn things about COVID-19 which I didn’t know before. Thank you so much for sharing all of your ideas during this month. I've learnt lots of things about your countries and good luck to all of you ! See you soon. ~ Amalia (Student, Spain)

I enjoyed this experience and learning about how other countries are facing COVID, especially through the eyes of people who actually live there. The discussions with students from around the world gave me an insight to situations in other countries, which I would've never had learned of if not for this experience.

I also learned so much about my own country through research prior to discussions, which made me both appreciate and won't review my own country from a wider perspective.  ~ Miyu (Student, Japan)

It was a well orchestrated event, infusing a lot of zeal & enthusiasm amongst the participants & above all putting them to a stretch, for a cause relevant to everyone on the planet.  The results are overwhelming & I personally, all this while kept a close watch on the proceedings and developments.  Please keep up the good work and keep the children on their toes for the ultimate cause of Learning!! ~ Dr. Bajpai (Parent, India)

Lilli looks forward to staying connected with BWB in the future. She made some incredible friendships. BWB is a beautiful rainbow coming out after the storm of this pandemic. ~ Misty (Parent, Puerto Rico)

Thank you for your time and dedication to organize this forum. Our students are very fortunate to be part of this global initiative. ~ Mag (Teacher, Netherlands)