School Based BWB (Buddies Without Borders) Clubs

Think Globally, Act Locally.  International mindedness is best learned through cross-cultural friendship and global citizenship.  We care more when we are part of it.  

Schools serving students aged 12 - 18 are invited to establish BWB (Buddies Without Borders) clubs to benefit all students who are interested in socializing with other like-minded students around the world to discuss issues that impact all of us.  These school-based think tanks are led by student leaders under the guidance of Global Education Destinations and the supervision of the school officials.    Club presidents are given the opportunity to learn important leadership skills by organizing local activities.  Club members are encouraged to share ideas and perspectives in a safe and judgement-free online social group across the world. 

The year-long BWB club is $300.00 usd for the school year, regardless how many students are in the club.  Club members enjoy free workshops and discounts to Forum competitions.  Click on the link below for all benefits and how it works. 

Please click on the link for how it works.

Currently there are the BWB Clubs in 10 high schools from 9 countries in 5 continents.  We welcome all successful Forum participants to apply to establish their BWB clubs.  

Singapore International School in India

Student President: Timsa Baijpai

Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen Senior High School in Japan

Student President: Miyu Aoki

Coree High School in Brazil

Student President: Suad Saneh

St. Andrew's School in Bolivia

Student President: Alejandra Gonzalez

Strawberry Fields High School in India

Student President: Manan Gadhia

Whittle School & Studios in the USA

Student President: Calla O'Neil

Taipei Tsai Hsing High School in Taiwan

Student President: Annabelle Wei

Kabojja International School in Uganda

Student President: Samuel Lyomoki Junior

Villiers School in Ireland

Student President: Rowan Beddows

British International School in Egypt

Student President: Hanya Abdel-Hamid

Changing the world is fun - if we do it together.

"An international education opens doors and closes gaps. It deconstructs perspectives to build new ones. Individuals who are granted the opportunity of internationalization become more inclusive, thoughtful, compassionate, human. Amidst a world steeped in hatred and aversion, the contribution of internationalized minds incentivizes empathy and paves the way of progress, as they are able to discuss universal solutions to universal problems. Buddies Without Borders incites international perspectives by providing a platform of interaction between students all over the world. Clashes between diverging points of view within the Buddies Without Borders ecosystem are welcome and encouraged, and this is the very process of internationalization right there. For being our stepping stone, our trampoline towards a more inclusive way of seeing the world, our most sincere commendations to Buddies Without Borders!"

~ Bruno Emanuel Uliano Ferreira, Club President at Coree High School in Brazil


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