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Personal Gain and Public Good

One of the keys to creating a better world is that we must make a connection between personal gain and public good. If what is good for me is also good for you, then we can co-exist easily and even thrive. This is the theory behind the design of our Buddies Without Borders Online Forums. While adult leaders pick wounds and make threats, we hope to nurture a generation of future leaders who can figure out a way to create a common good.

Students from 20+ countries got together in the Fall to examine how a green economy (good for the community) can create green jobs (good for self). They had to conquer their differences in commitment levels and time zones, knowledge and skills, communication styles and personalities. Thanks to all who have cast votes in the People's Choice Award category.

Most of all, entrepreneurs in the field volunteered their time to be the Case Study Partners and a panel of international educators evaluated the final deliverables of the top five teams. Did they make a good case for their assigned industry? Please click on the links below from the top five teams to enjoy their work, and join us in wishing all students good luck in the Award Ceremony tomorrow:

Team Agro-go (on AgriTech / Supply Chain Management)

Case Study Partner: Deepack Rajmohan, Founder/CEO, GreenPod Lab

Team Coach: Chiedzamatipa Banga, Freshman, Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Reims

  • Caoimhe Siri B. Florentino - Domuschola International School, Philippines

  • Mehak Vij - Step by Step School, Noida, India

  • Inga Anahid Weiderud - The Junior and Senior School, Sweden/Cyprus

  • Liu Jamie - Taipei Tsai-Hsing High School, Taiwan

Team Chilli Dogs (on Circular Economy / Food Waste Management)

Case Study Partner: Zack H. Abdi, Managing Director, Provectus Middle East/Provectus Enterprising Inc.

Team Coach: Chiedzamatipa Banga, Freshman, Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Reims

  • Finnegan Paul Ochtendung Groves - Goetheschule Essen, Germany

  • Aamaey Prakash - Step By Step School, India

  • Natalie Galloway - Bryanston School, UK/Cayman Islands

  • Parker Ancen Parrish - The Bolles School, USA

Team World Class Hosts (on Corporate Responsibility / Hospitality)

Case Study Partner: Ivana Damnjanovic, Director of Education, Transformational Travel Council

Team Coach: Miyu Sakurai, Senior, Applied Psychology, New York University, USA

  • Vincent Joseph Barragan - The Bolles School, USA

  • LEE SIANG YUN - Tsai Hsing High School, Taiwan

  • Can Doğa BölükbaşıBilkent - Laboratory and International School, Türkiye

  • Elena Salazar - The Codrington School, International School of Barbados

Team Eco-Fashionista (on Circular Economy / Sustainable Fashion)

Case Study Partner: Mina Kovacevic, Executive Director, MATT

Team Coach: Chiedzamatipa Banga, Freshman, Sciences Po Paris, Campus de Reims

  • Amaara Singh - Pathways School, India

  • Nayeon Koo - Domuschola International School, South Korea/Philippines

  • Dylan Maxene T. Silapan - Binus School Simprug, Philippines/Indonesia

  • Carolina Dacal - Los Sauces, Spain

  • Lino Hayasaka - Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen, Japan

Team Days of Our Lives (on Renewable Energy / Electric Vehicles)

Case Study Partner: Jakson Alvarez, Co-Founder/Co-CEO, Evolectric

Team Coach: Miyu Sakurai, Senior, Applied Psychology, New York University, USA

  • Graham Stiegler - The Bolles School, USA

  • Esma Yaren Cantürk - Vali Muammer Güler Social Sciences High School, Turkiye

  • Garima Juneja - Bharti Vidya Niketan Sr. Sec. Public School, India

  • Kylie Blair Gibson - The Codrington International School of Barbados, Barbados

The next Forum challenge is here - we will unite teens around the world to look into Access to Healthcare. Join us!

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