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Passion Leads the Way - BWB Club Spotlight on Amman National School in Jordan

After each Buddies Without Borders Online Forum, our team coaches identify a few students who demonstrated true passion for the projects they worked on.

Tangible benefits are often the reasons why students and schools sign up to join the Forums: global competency certificates; credits for school assignments; opportunities to land internships.

But true passions are what will sustain us. Life is full of ups and downs, with plenty of expected and unexpected challenges that require us to be flexible and tenacious. As we look around our world and community, our past and future - the answer to the question of what we can and should do becomes murky quickly.

That is why passionate leaders are needed in creating the future we want to see. One such student is Alma Toukhy from Amman National School in Jordan. Together with all the club members, this year they have decided to tackle food waste in schools and create a recycling program to help local farmers. The club members are: Rama Hiasat, Mohammad Azawi, Jad shannak, Mohammad Abdulkarim, Areen Abu Shamat, Raya Adas, Nawal Ghannam, Reef Madros, Tia Share. Zeena Shaker, Michael Sakkab, Faris salfiti, Sanad Madi, Kareem Al Tayeh, Sara Khoury, Lamar Hiasat, Jude Mahadin, Nabil alKhatib, Dara Abu Khader, Eman Musmar, Hussein Mahadin, Lamar Ihmaid, Reem Jalal B. Al-Gaaod, Adeeba Irshaidat, Hasan Nabulsi:

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