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Opportunity to Win International Online Internships

This Saturday, June 4, the Buddies Without Borders Internship Winners will gather for an informational meeting about the incredible year-long internship opportunity managed by Leadership Initiatives and sponsored by Microsoft and Starbucks. From September 2022 to May 2023, these high schoolers will learn valuable skills and make a real impact on lives as global citizens.

Your students can win a seat in the Summer Forum: Acts of Kindness Challenge. In this forum, we will be looking into how to perform random acts of kindness, how to be loving towards the important people in our lives, how to deal with unkindness and conflicts, and finally how to create our best reality.

Please join me and congratulate the following winners:

October 2021 Ecotourism Forum

  • From Macedonia - Nova International Schools - Lina Nikolovska

  • From Indonesia - Sekola Mutiara Nusantara - Bulan Kania

  • From Spain - Colegio los Sauces la Moraleja - Fernando Mingo Moreno

  • From the UK - Bryanston School - Bryanna Ashong

December 2021 Social Media Forum

  • From Taiwan - Kingston Yu from Pacific American School

  • From India - Rushil Doger from Strawberry Fields High School

  • From Spain - Sofia Garcia Diez from Colegio Los Sauces Torrelodones in Spain

March 2022 Wellness Challenge for Teens Forum

  • From Madagascar - Mohabirsingh Cheshta- British School of Madagascar

  • From Romania - Filip Manda- Mark Twain International School

  • From India - Mannat Kaur - Strawberry Fields High School

  • From Equador - Camila Peña Eljuri - Unidad Educativa Particular Rosa de Jesús Cordero “Catalinas”

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