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No Jogging Today

Those of us who relish outdoor running on the East Coast of USA are warned not to do so these days, because of the air pollution caused by the wildfires thousands of miles away in Canada. The massive fires have burned for more than a month, over an area bigger than the state of Maryland.

Not only is Canada on track to have its most destructive wildfire season in history, scientists say that climate change has worsened the frequency, severity and duration of droughts around the world, from British Columbia to the Horn of Africa. The effect of extreme heat combined with disappearing groundwater can be devastating, as the history of the Dust Bowl from the Great Depression era has taught us.

This is a global goal we can and should work on together:

  • In New Mexico, USA, the City of Santa Fe and the county is organizing a "Next Generation Water Summit" to educate the public on water conservation technologies including hydroponic product systems and rain garden design.

  • In Pyrenees-Orientales and Gard, France, the government has banned car-washing and filling of swimming pools, among other measures.

  • Around the world, engineers are working on ways to combat everyday water waste - from Chinese designer Yan Lu's Poor Little Fish Basin, to South Korean designer Yeongwoo Kim's Eco Urinal, to Italian designers Gabriele and Oscar Buratti's Sink/Toilet Combo, to British designer Paul Priestman's Waterpebble.

Are you aware of water-related challenges in your community? What has been done to manage the problems and are they working? If not, why not? Safe water scarcity impacts the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the life we lead. What is happening thousands of miles away is changing our lives right here in our neighborhood.

What do you think we should do? We are mobilizing youth to solve water crises this summer. Join us!

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