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New Zealand Changemakers Got On Board!

Lily Melville, a senior at Green Bay High School in Auckland, New Zealand, has impressed many of us in two consecutive Forums: Be the Change in Summer 2022 where students challenged themselves and held each other accountable in performing acts of kindness; and A New Normal for Teens in Spring 2022 where teams worked together and created wellness programs to improve well-being for teens in their assigned countries.

As a result of her performance, Lily earned the priviliage in launching a BWB Club in her school to lead local changes to meet global goals:

"I would love to start a BWB Club at my school, Green Bay High School, as global change is something that I am deeply passionate about. Through a BWB club, I believe that my peers and I would have the opportunity to connect with like-minded students from across the globe and work together to truly have a positive impact on the world through our local community action projects. For me, community is crucial as it is what binds us together and allows us to succeed. When our community flourishes so do we, and when it suffers, we suffer too. I believe that by starting a BWB club at my school, my peers and I would not only be helping our community to thrive but also ourselves as individuals part of a bigger picture. " ~ Lily Melville

Recently, Lily organized her friends in a fundraiser for cancer called "Shave For a Cure" and raised nearly $15k for Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand! We can't wait to see what these changemakers will do next. Please join us in welcoming Lily and her fellow kiwis to the BWB Clubs!

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