It is not just the "right" thing to do. It is the only thing to do.

People ask why we should care about challenges and problems in faraway places. Teachers and students question why international education and global goals matter. Jet setters, proudly sharing their vacation photos, cannot name one friend from a foreign country.

Let's see:

The UK is seeing divisions among its people due to migration control. Japan suspends auto production and people's livelihood suffers due to China's lockdown. Egyptians' cost of food goes up because of the war in Ukraine. More than half of my daughter's first-grade classroom near Washington DC are English language learners.

Humans naturally want to pursue health and happiness anywhere and in any way possible. Civilization is built on our ability to dream and achieve. It cannot and should not be stopped. It is not just the right thing to do as a moral issue for humankind to help one another. It is the only thing to do if we ever want to have world peace for our future generations.

"Is world peace possible? How will we achieve world peace?" - this is the essay question in the application form for our next forum: Zero Hunger Zero Waste. We don't need superheroes to save the world. We just need to care. We look forward to seeing what you have to say. The application closes on September 30th.

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