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Influencers and Role Models

The Spring Buddies Without Borders Online Forum - How Do We Look? From Fast Fashion to Eco-Fashion will start with a global Tech & Tools session this weekend. Nearly 30 teen representatives from 18 countries will work across borders with their teammates to investigate the environmental and economic impact of the fashion industry in their assigned countries as equal global citizens.

Modeling the kind of behaviors we want to see in the world are five international university students who will serve as the Forum's team coaches, scorer and director. “Tell me and I forget... teach me and I may remember... Involve me and I will learn.” Together, we aim to involve teens in the pursuit of a better world.

Kasia Buszka (Forum Director) is originally from Poland and is currently in Germany studying Economics and Politics as well as Business and Leadership at LSE and Forward College. "I am excited to dive deep into the topic of Fashion. It unites key areas of my studies—business, economics, and sustainability and I am thrilled to see the outcomes of your research and hard work throughout this Forum."

Miyu Aoki (Forum Scorer) grew up in both Japan and the USA. She is currently a 4th-year student at New York University studying Applied Psychology. She has been a part of BWB forums for the past three years. Miyu will serve as the scorer for the Forum, evaluating the quality of participants' arguments and analyses.

Chiedza Banga (Forum Coach) originally comes from Zimbabwe and is currently studying Political Science and International Relations at Sciences Po in France as part of a dual degree programme with UBC in Canada. "As someone who has been involved in fashion journalism scene through both interviewing with and writing about industry professionals, this is an extremely relevant topic and something I would love to give guidance on."

Yohana Fontenia (Forum Coach) is originally from Spain, and has lived in Portugal, France and Germany in the last few years.  She is studying Economics and Politics at LSE and Business and Leadership at Forward College. In her free time, she is a Climate Pact Ambassador for the EU. "This journey is just starting and this is an experience that you won't forget. I am so excited to discuss Fast Fashion!" 

Filip Manda (Forum Coach) is from Romania and is currently living in the Netherlands, where he studies biology at the RUG (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen). "I am very excited to rejoin the BWB community after participating in a previous forum and can't wait to discuss all of the knick-knacks of fast fashion with you, be it eco-friendly alternatives or the impact on human rights."

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