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Ideas-Driven Learning

Tomorrow, November 13, the top three proposals from the Green is the New Gold Forum (ranked by participants themselves) will be delivered to the panelists for judging. Meanwhile, ALL are welcome to vote for your favorite proposal in the People's Choice Award.

Here are the nine nations examined by the nine teams:

#India As India grapples with its role in the climate change initiative and the impact of COVID-19, what role does ecotourism play?

One of the friendliest Arab nations in the world, #Morocco is in the position to fully develop its tourism with sustainability in mind, but how?

#Indonesia - a country of more than 18000 islands and home to Komodo dragons. How can ecotourism contribute to its economy?

#CostaRica is touted as the Happiest Place on Earth. What can one say about its ecotourism?

#Madagascar, a paradise on the brink of famine, is in dire need of a new direction. Can ecotourism be an answer?

What would you do to improve ecotourism in #NewZealand, an ultimate adventure destination for many?

#Ecuador, blessed with tropical Galápagos to Andes glacier, is underappreciated by international travelers. Why and what should be done about it?

#Nepal, literally on top of the world, is a great travel destination. However, the country still suffers from poverty. Can ecotourism help fix the problem?

#Zanzibar announced that it is building sub-Saharan Africa's tallest hotel. How is sustainability part of the country's economic development?

Which team do you think has the best idea? Join our Global Community and cast your vote. Your participation will encourage the students tremendously!

Do you have good ideas about solving the world's biggest problems? Join us for the next Online Forum: Social Media for Global Good!

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