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How Do You Know When an Idea is a Good Idea?

This Saturday, March 11, teens around the world will complete their quest in creating a teen-friendly website as a tool to improve the well-being of teens in their community. Statistics have shown that the state of mental health and physical health for teens is concerning worldwide. While healthcare experts and counseling professionals continue to voice their concerns and opinions, we wonder what the teens themselves think should be done?

With the power of the internet and technology, 14 teams of teens around the world got together in the past month to produce a tool that is creative, sustainable and equitable. Helping us decide which idea is the best idea are our international education panelists. Meanwhile, you will get to vote for your favorite creation between March 12 - 17. Let's empower the students to be the person they want to be. After all, happiness comes from within.

(Panelists from top left to bottom right. Click here for bios of all our Forum contributors:

  • Valmir Gomes, international educator and leader - Brazil, China and USA

  • Hon. Teta Banks, Ed.D, president of International Forum Inc. - USA and Liberia

  • Ango MWakisu, Senior Assistant Director of Int't Admissions, NYU - UAE and Tanzania

  • Lauren Schmidt, MSW, Founder of A Tree That Grows - Tanzania and USA

  • Elisa Melendez Martin, Global Markets Director, Undergraduate Program, IE University, Spain

  • Andrew Hand, Admissions and Int'l Schools Outreach Officer, Forward College, France

  • Ula Trabanino, Senior, Computer Science Major, CSUMB - USA, Mexico and Guatemala

  • Sofana Vargas, Admission Officer, Undergraduate, Jacobs University - Germany and Nicaragua

  • Yihung Mohs, Chief Executive Director. Global Education Destinations - USA and Taiwan

The next best idea we are searching for? The best business proposal to support women in underserved communities. Join us in the next Buddies Without Borders Online Forum to find out what gender equality means across the world and brainstorm solutions to make a change - Women and the Economy: The Best ROI of Humankind. The application will be closed on March 10th.

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