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Global Friends for Global Goals

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

This weekend, Buddies Without Borders Club members from around the world will meet up and explore how they can collaborate with like-minded students across the borders to work on the Sustainable Development Goals they care about the most.

It is hard to imagine, but since we launched less than two years ago, BWB (Buddies Without Borders) Clubs are now soon to be in 16 countries, with the latest addition of Branyston School in the UK, Towheed in UAE, and Los Sauces in Spain.

(Thanks so much to Ms. Lisa Kearney from Bryanston in the United Kingdom, Mrs. Negin Saadat from Towheed in UAE, and Mrs. Myriam Gil and Mrs. Marite from Spain!)

In our clubs, students are given a chance to connect across cultural and language backgrounds to make a difference through joint projects. They design and conduct local actions, and they meet up online weekly to chat about global topics.

This is impossible without the support of the following Club Schools:

Canada: Assumption College Catholic High School

USA: Whittle School & Studios

Bolivia: Saint Andrew's School

Brazil: Coree International School

Morocco: George Washington Academy

Ireland: Villiers School

Spain: Los Sauces European Private School

Turkey: Uskudar American Academy

Cyprus: The Junior & Senior School

Uganda: Kabojja International School

India: Strawberry Field High School

India: Genesis Global School

Taiwan: Tsai Hsing High School

Japan: Shonan Shirayuri Gakuen High School

It is equally impossible without the support of the Higher Education Workshop contributors:

Germany: Jacobs University

Spain: IE University

EU: Forward College

UK: Mr. Phil Garner


USA: CSUMB (service-learning)

USA: Study in Maryland (pending approval)

Costa Rica: Veritas University

Taiwan: Mr. Victor Tao

Now it is your turn to get involved. The application for the March Forum will be closed in three days. Students aged 12-18 will be challenged to create a Wellness Program for teens to improve their well-being, particularly at the time of instability. Join us!

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