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Get Ready, Here Come the Game Changers!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

Did you know that only 14 countries in the entire world give men and women full equal rights? (World Bank, 2023) More shockingly, this list does not include USA nor UK.

Why is this? What are the impacts? What can teens do about it?

Admitted students of the Spring 2023 Forum - Women and the Economy: The Best ROI of Humankind have gone through the Tech & Tools training global session last weekend and are ready to tackle the challenge of understanding the root causes of this gender-based inequality in different parts of the world. They will work across borders as equal global citizens to identify which women-owned business opportunities on KIVA have the best return on investment and social impact in their assigned countries. The chosen business by the winning team will receive a BWB micro-loan. They will be changing real lives.

Our kick-off speaker on April 1 is the Honorable Dr. Teta Banks. She is the first person of African descent to lead the United Nations Association of the United States of America as the National Chair. Please join us in congratulating the following schools for sending representatives to this global dialog.

Arsakeio High School of Ioannina - Greece

Binus School Simprug - Indonesia

Bolles School- USA

Bryanston - UK

BVIS Hanoi - Vietnam

Chirec International School - India

Colegio San Jerónimo - Peru

DRS International - India

Friends School (RFS) - Palestine

Goetheschule Essen - Germany

Hand in Hand דו לשוני - Palestine

I.E.P. San Jerónimo - Peru

Los Sauces - Spain

Lovejoy High School - USA

Lubiriss - Uganda

Maryland International School - USA

Notre Dame Academy - USA

Ramallah Friends School - Palestine

Shiv Nadar School, Gurgaon - India

SMA N 8 Yogyakarta - Indonesia

Springmont Montessori School - USA

Tafuna High School - American Samoa

Taipei Private Tsai Hsing high school - Taiwan

Tema International School - Ghana

Trinity College Senior - Australia

Vali Muammer Güler Social Science High School - Turkey

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