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Brainstorming for Global Health Solutions

Access to Healthcare Buddies Without Borders Online Forum has entered the week of Ideation where teams brainstormed ideas to improve the healthcare systems and programs in their assigned countries. Their solutions are based on the needs of the people to be served and the best practices around the world. Students are encouraged to contact their global peers across the forum to understand the real challenges and opportunities.

Here are some highlights this week to share with you:

"The Health Transformation Program has significantly reduced disparities in access to healthcare services between different socioeconomic groups and regions within Türkiye... (however) Despite these achievements,Türkiye faces ongoing challenges, including the need to continuously improve the quality of healthcare services and address the health needs of refugees and migrants within its borders. AsTürkiye hosts one of the world's largest refugee populations, integrating these vulnerable groups into the national healthcare system is crucial for reducing inequalities further."  On Turkey by Harman Dhillon from Strawberry Fields High School, India

"From developing a revolutionary healthcare insurance system to efficiently mitigating the aftereffects of a pandemic, Taiwan has a good standing in the contribution towards public health which on a larger scale translates to global health along with dynamic advocacy for UN SDG 10 reduced inequalities....But, for Taiwan to truly improve its future in health infrastructure it is crucial for it to extend further diplomatic relations in hopes of gaining access to global healthcare resources." On Taiwan by Ishika Dhar from Shiv Nadar School Gurgaon, India

"Germany's leadership in international health programs and its support for health development projects in low- and middle-income countries is helping to reduce global health disparities. Moreover, improving the quality of healthcare, and supporting healthy living for people of all ages are supported by Germany's excellent healthcare system, which includes cutting-edge medical technology and highly qualified healthcare workers...How can Germany sustain a high level of healthcare in the near future? What specific actions can Germany take to support healthcare development projects and capacity-building efforts in regions with limited access to healthcare services?" On Germany by Miu Nishitani from Shonan-Shirayuri Gakuen, Japan

"Ghana's progress towards SDG 10 and healthcare improvement reflects a combination of achievements and ongoing challenges. Sustained efforts, including targeted interventions to address inequalities and strengthen healthcare systems, will be crucial in ensuring continued progress towards these goals. Monitoring and evaluation of existing programs, along with strategic investments in healthcare infrastructure and workforce development, will be essential for Ghana to achieve sustainable and equitable development in the years to come." On Ghana by Megha Siripurapu from Lovejoy High School, USA

The next opportunity for you to be a global teen is here: How to Build a Culture of Coexistence.   Join us!

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