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Brainstorm Week

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."~ Albert Einstein

How does one make eco-friendly tourist attractions NOT a luxury for developing regions like Nepal and Zanzibar? How does one define success when creating ecotourism jobs in Indonesia and Costa Rica? How does one overcome safety concerns, perceived or real, for tourists traveling in rural India and Morocco?

We have chosen nine of the most beautiful places on earth to see if a more robust eco-friendly tourism business can be created so that people can visit and protect these special places at the same time. Nine teams of teens, as equal global citizens, have started unearthing some of the opportunities and challenges in their assigned countries, from island paradise Madagascar and New Zealand to cultural mecca India and Ecuador.

With fresh sets of eyes and broader worldviews, this week we ignite our imagination to see what's possible. During our global session, each team will present their ideas to their fellow forum participants. The participants will sound off these ideas through the lens of legislators, activists or tourists.

In Buddies Without Borders Online Forums, we seek intelligent fun!

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